Hey, thanks for visiting my page! I’m Kai Schüttler and I’m an Illustrator. I studied Design at the Fachhochschule Münster (MSD) and graduated in 2013. Since then I work as a freelancer for different clients and publishers. Most of the time I illustrate children’s books but I work for magazines and design agencies, too. Check my Gallery for all the different projects I made. If you are interested in working with me, leave me a message. I’m always looking forward to new projects! For more information about my work, here are some FAQs:

  1. Do you work for free?
    In general: No! Because this is my Job and I need to earn money with it. There are some exceptions when it comes to charity projects or projects I’m personal involved in but in general I charge money for my work.

  1. What do you charge for your work?
    This depends on the project, amount of illustrations, usage rights etc. I’d be happy to send you an individual proposal for your project!

  1. What tools do you use for making your illustrations?
    I combine traditional and digital techniques in my work. Most of the time it’s a mix of pencil, color pencils, watercolor and digital coloring in Photoshop. Sometimes I use collage elements in my work, too.

  1. Can I use your images on my website?
    This depends on if it’s a commercial or private website. For commercial uses I’d charge you a license fee, send me a message. For private use please ask me for the pictures you want to use and don’t forget to add my name and portfolio link if you publish them on your site or blog.

  1. I want to see cute pictures of your dog, where can I find them?
    Good Question! For cute dog pictures please follow me on instagram. I may post some illustrations there, too 😉